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WHATS THE PASSWORD??????????????

played this at wonderville last night and loved it. don't think i've ever played a 3D net art game before, but it feels great pushing through 2000s era sprites. there's a beautiful chaos to it all that really comes together wonderfully in the end. amazing :)


i really really want to play this game but it's not updated to the most recent ios (Catalina) for Mac! it would be amazing if developers could update so I can play? <3

Just use virtualization! I'm pretty sure she put this out as is for a reason. Like apart of the art piece is the decay of technology.


I find this to be an underrated (judged by comments) brillient piece of work. Instead of playing as swordman in midage castle, I played as myself adventuring in the internet...and get beaten by virus and got lost...

hello! will this ever be available on steam?


sorry for the late response! not for now but who knows :P